At Boston Web Art, we offer a variety of graphic design and web content solutions to fit your specific needs, including:

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aWebsite Building & Maintenance –  Includes domain registration, website build-out for services offered or e-commerce storefront (Including Shopify, WordPress, etc.). Customizable theme options, content creation, image editing. Logo & Branding services available as an add-on.

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aLogo Design – Includes five proofs, with edits.

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aGraphic Design – Photo & Video manipulation and creation.

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aE-Mail Campaign Generation – Includes professionally drafted e-mail/newsletter with clickable links and images.

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aSocial Media Content – Ten unique photos accompanied by relevant search tags and keyword-rich titles.

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aAmazon Seller Services  (See below)



2e02b108309ad787a4bb57030da3d4c7.pngAmazon Photo Editing – Includes main product photo on white background, product features and close ups, product detail/specification/dimensions, and lifestyle photos.

2e02b108309ad787a4bb57030da3d4c7.pngAmazon Product Detail Page – Five to Six keyword-rich Product Features, with an HTML-friendly Product Description.

2e02b108309ad787a4bb57030da3d4c7.pngAmazon Enhance Brand Content – Includes all Image Editing, branding, and descriptions.

2e02b108309ad787a4bb57030da3d4c7.pngAmazon Back-End Search Terms & Keywords – Complete list of all relevant search terms for use in product listing or PPC ads.


366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aSEO Assistance

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aPhotography & Editing

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aRebranding / Redesign – Looking to bring your website up to speed? Maybe you’re hoping to rebrand yourself and don’t know where to start? We can help.

366e98ba0af55375dae1057f87f57c6aPrint Collateral – Invitations, brochures, flyers, banners.



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